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Keep Data Safe on a USB Drive

USB drives are a convenient way to store data that needs to be transported from one place to another. They're so small, they fit in the palm of a hand but that isn't necessarily a positive thing. These small drives can get lost easily and when they have important data on them, that information could get into the wrong hands if the owner isn't careful. Everyone who uses USB drives should pay attention to these safety tips to avoid a catastrophe.

Buy an Oddly-shaped Drive

Traditional USB drives are small and rectangular. These are usually the cheapest and can be purchased at just about any electronics store. However, by purchasing a Custom USB in an odd shape, a person is less likely to lose it. Larger devices won't slide between seats as easily and might make a sound when dropped on the floor. Investing a little more in a custom drive can be a very wise investment.

Encrypt Data

Anyone who carries sensitive data on their flash drives should encrypt the drive. This prevents anyone without the necessary credentials from accessing the data. Employees or business owners who use a flash drive to take work home won't need to worry about proprietary information falling right into the hands of a competitor. By encrypting a custom flash drives, the average person doesn't have to be concerned about identity theft when they store their resume or family photos on a device.

Use Another Backup Method

Businesses often give away logo flash drives at trade shows and consumers sometimes use them to backup their data. Although this may be convenient, it isn't a wide idea. A USB drive's small size makes them very easy to get lost. Instead of backing up important data on a flash drive, consumers should use a larger external hard drive. These devices are more durable and can store much more data than a flash drive. The cloud is another, more sensible option for backing up photos and other documents to save space on a computer hard drive.

Flash drives are a valuable piece of technology that nearly anyone can use. Whether they are being used for personal or business purposes, it's essential to take steps to keep the data on them safe. If one of these tiny devices gets lost, a business could lose money or a parent could lose all of their child's photos. By purchasing a custom usb instead of a tiny rectangular one, encrypting the drive and backing up important data on a more reliable device, people can get the most from their flash drives.

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